Taha whanau - family health

A strong community of friends also help. No matter who your family or whanau are, it is important to stay connected. This is a way to protect yourself from stress and distress – even at times when things are not going so well.

  • Help out at a local community centre or marae. There is a place for everyone.
  • Join a local interest group. Check at a library for an interest group you could join
  • Down load free music through sites such as U Tube
  • Get creative – try calming activities such as weaving or art
  • Swim with friends
  • Organise a family get together or reunion: Whakawhanau nga tanga
  • Get some others together for a swim date, action date, baby date, dinner date
  • Join on line forums where you can share your journey with others and share the load
  • “Pay it forward” – Offer to help someone you know who might be struggling and need support, in your family or in another family