Taha wairua - spiritual health

Our sense of belonging and our ability to have faith in a higher power have a significant effect on our wairua. To know our own identity and find contentment with who we are, despite the challenges we face, contribute to a strong wairua. To take time to reflect and do things that bring us joy are important in developing our wairua.

Remember the spiritual essence of a person is their life force. Tis determines us as individuals and as a collective, who and what we are, where we have come from and where we are going.

Consider the following to strengthen your wairua:

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Consider the following to strengthen your wairua:

  • Find a place where you can with nature on a bush walk or a walk along the beach
  • Turn up at a church service
  • Take kai to a nearby park
  • Find someone to mentor you.
  • Telephone someone you have not had contact with for a long time
  • Write a note to someone who needs encouragement
  • Connect with a marae near you. Experience the welcome you will receive.
  • Join a Kapa haka group or go to a Kapa haka performance. Check details on line.