Online Support

Available now for family members impacted by the alcohol and other drug misuse of someone they care about.

Recent research by Research NZ has found that nearly 50% of the New Zealand population is impacted by the alcohol use of someone they care about and over 30% of New Zealanders are impacted by the other drug use of people they care about.

You are not alone.


We are here to help you build coping and resilience wherever you live in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We are here to help you.

  • Accredited Practitioners are available to provide a high quality one to one programme from the comfort of your own home.
  • Our Accredited Practitioners offer the world renown 5 Step Method programme using Zoom technology. They will help you set up the first session of support if you are not familiar with Zoom technology.
  • The 5 Step Method programme helps family members build coping and resilience for what is generally a very difficult journey coping with someone they care about.
  • The Accredited Practitioner works for 5 sessions of about 1 hour, over 5 to 6 weeks in total time.
  • You are able to work with the practitioner to arrange times for appointments that suit your current situation, no matter where you live in Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Give us a call on our freephone 0800 337 877 from anywhere in New Zealand or fill out our contact form for the 5 Step Method programme here

He tangata rongonui te aroha ki te tangata, Goodwill towards others is a precious treasure.



According to the American Psychological Association (APA), Web /Online support offers the following benefits:

  • Convenience. Online support takes less time away from your workday. You just need to dial a number or log into a site
  • Less expensive. Our programme costs $210 for the five 1-hour sessions in total. For anyone with a Community Services Card, the programme costs $95 for the five 1-hour sessions in total. If this cost is an issue please discuss it with us on (The same cost applies whether one or two people are participating.)
  • The programme includes a handbook and many excellent resources sourced from experts around the world.
  • Online communication is very comfortable for many people as it means no waiting room, and technology is used in a helpful way.
  • Online support can provide access to those who can’t get to an office easily, or even at all.